Founded in 1992 by a Harvard graduate, DCC’s mission has been to translate ideas into
hardware and software solutions for the benefit of the common man.

For the last 25 years, our team of 70+ individuals, with expertise in Mechatronics,
Electrical Engineering, Computer Systems, Software Engineering, Graphics Design,
and Metallurgy, has enabled our clients to stay ahead of the rapidly changing
technology landscape.

Our products and services include:
. Simulators
. Smart City Solutions
. 3D Modeling and Animation
. Virtual and Augmented Reality Systems
. Mobile App Development
. Multidisciplinary Systems Integration
. Communication Networks

Over the last two decades, we have provided solutions for public and private sector clients
across a number of industries:
. Telecommunications
. Education
. Utilities
. Construction Services
. Healthcare
. Entertainment
. Travel & Tourism

With an agile approach and the right balance of experience and innovation, we aim to be
your partner of choice.